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Established in 2013, Nileda Co., Ltd. is an agricultural product trading enterprise whose mission is to help farmers and their families live better and better lives. Nileda was founded by Mr. Kaing Vannak, who used to work for IFC-MPDF and SNV, The Netherlands Development Organization.
After several years working at the grassroots level, Vannak found that poverty is a major problem in rural of Cambodia. It was then that he decided to do something to help farmer to solve this problem by establishing the Nileda company, targeting distribute of high quality agricultural inputs, including agrochemical, fertilizers and seeds.
The company uses a variety of methods to address low-level farmer knowledge for modern farming methods, including deploying agronomists and plant protection specialists to work directly with our distributors and farmers.
We need to make sure that farmers know how to use the products in the 5 Rights Principle; Right Product, Right Concentration, Right Time, Right Dose for better yield and safe crops, and Right cost.
The above considerations are not enough because farmers still face problems with their markets. Farmers can produce many of their crops, but do not know where to sell with more profit. Nileda is going to launch a wholesale company which focuses on vegetable and fruit value chain. We will teach farmer to grow their vegetable and fruit and buy from them with contract rate to secure the value of their produces. We will supply those to hotels, restaurants, retail shops, super markets and wet markets in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. We only sell good quality products to farmers as they are so poor already. There is no gap to cheat farmers rather than helping them.


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